Window Condensation Problems

I had a past client call the other day with a question about their windows. This summer they had some more work done on their home in Bath, including new siding and more new windows.  Recently, as the temperatures outside got lower, they had been getting condensation inside the new windows. They’d never had condensation […]

Sustainable Homes Summit on February 2nd!

Sometimes creating quality, energy efficient home construction means networking with other people who are excited about it. That’s why New Leaf Home Design and the Greater Akron Innovation Network for Sustainability (GAINS) are hosting the first northeast Ohio Sustainable Homes Summit at 5:30pm February 2nd at the Mustard Seed Café, 3885 West Market Street in Montrose. […]

Home Energy Renovations- when you can’t go down to the studs

A couple of months ago I met with a client who wanted to make significant energy improvements to an older house. But because the house was occupied, it wasn’t possible to go down to the studs to do the kind of deep energy retrofit Project Rebuild is doing in Canton. (If you missed that story […]

Beautiful Inside and Out: what the Leaflet is about

View from the sunroom in a current New Leaf Home Design project The photo above shows a lot of the things that get me excited about designing homes: the shelter provided by warm walls and roof; the natural light, views, and controlled sun warmth provided by well-placed windows; and the beauty of materials put together […]

Project Rebuild

*Project Rebuild: Making A House Built in 1915 Green Enough for LEED Platinum Photo of Project REBUILD class with project partners from Saint Gobain, Northeast Ohio USGBC, Malone University, Learn About Green LLC, and New Leaf Home Design Who says a house built in 1915 can’t have super low energy bills, great indoor air quality, […]

The Energy Audit Saga Continues

In my last newsletter, I wrote about the two energy audits I had done recently: one through Dominion East Ohio’s GoodCents program, the other through a company specializing in audits. If you missed that article and would like to read a comparison of the two audits, just click below: Battle of the Energy Audits. Well, after […]

Battle of the Energy Audits

I recently had not one, but two energy audits done on my house. I’ve mentioned before that Dominion East Ohio is offering audits through their Good Cents program for just $50. Then at the Home & Flower Show, I learned that Dr. Energy Saver will do an audit for free. I had wondered before how […]

Energy Efficiency Opportunities When You Renovate

Recently I talked with two different potential new clients about renovating their homes.  Two things on both of their lists were new siding and new shingles.  I perked right up because those are both great opportunities to make a home more energy efficient, and if you pass up the opportunity it will be a loooong […]

Tiny Houses: the Big Picture

    I confess, I secretly dream of building and living in a tiny house.  Apparently, there are a lot of people who share this dream.  You can now find websites, blogs, conferences, and more devoted to nothing but tiny houses. In case you’ve missed the attention they have been getting lately, “tiny house” refers […]

Zero Energy Ready

If you have been following the buzz on sustainable homes, you may have heard the term “Net Zero Home”.  The idea of Net Zero is to create a home that generates as much energy as it uses.  Since energy usage affects both the operating costs and the environmental impact of a house long after construction […]