Beautiful Inside and Out: what the Leaflet is about

View from the sunroom in a current New Leaf Home Design project

The photo above shows a lot of the things that get me excited about designing homes: the shelter provided by warm walls and roof; the natural light, views, and controlled sun warmth provided by well-placed windows; and the beauty of materials put together with craftsmanship in a way that will last a century or more. There are plenty of websites and magazines where you can find photos of beautiful finished homes and floor plans with various arrangements of rooms. These things are important, and fun to look at too! But when you are planning something as significant as a new home or renovation, you want to consider the things unique to your family and your site a magazine can’t understand. And you want to have confidence that the systems you can’t see have been selected as carefully as the finishes you can see.

I hope The Leaflet provides you with a little information about these aspects of home construction and renovation that you won’t find on Houzz or in House Beautiful. And I hope my enthusiasm for these details shines through and makes it fun for you to read about them!