Project Types

Home Additions and Renovations

Do you love your neighborhood, but need some adjustments to your home so you can stay there for years to come?  Would you like to use your home’s existing spaces as well as possible, and add just enough new area to accomplish your goals?  I’ve helped many families transform their homes with:

  • Kitchen renovations and additions 
  • Master Suites 
  • Open floor plans: removing the walls between Kitchens, Family Rooms, and Dining areas
  • Aging-in-Place renovations, such as creating accessible first floor Master Suites and Laundry areas
  • Whole house renovations
  • Deep energy retrofits
  • Home electrification

New Homes

Would you like a home that is designed for energy efficiency, makes the most of the views on your site, is oriented to take advantage of the sun, and provides just as much space as you and your family need?   My new homes are designed to generate as much energy as they use, and to rely on energy from renewable sources without needing fossil fuels. The foundation, wall and ceiling assemblies provide plenty of insulation; the windows are located to provide plenty of warm winter sun while minimizing summer overheating; and the detailing recognizes the importance of air sealing for energy savings. We’ll also consider the carbon footprint of materials, using more of those that store carbon, and fewer that take a lot of energy to manufacture.  Most of all, your home will be designed just for you, with the personal features that make the difference between building a house and building your home.


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