Project Rebuild

*Project Rebuild:
Making A House Built in 1915 Green Enough for LEED Platinum

Photo of Project REBUILD class with project partners from Saint Gobain, Northeast Ohio USGBC, Malone University, Learn About Green LLC, and New Leaf Home Design

Who says a house built in 1915 can’t have super low energy bills, great indoor air quality, and be super comfortable to live in?  New Leaf Home Design is excited to be a part of  the Project REBUILD, Inc.  deep energy retrofit of this Canton home.  We are setting our sights on a LEED Platinum certificate, which will provide third party verification that the house meets a broad range of sustainability criteria.
Remember that article I wrote in August about new shingles and new siding providing the opportunity for better insulation?  We plan to use both of those strategies on this house.  We’ll be putting rigid insulation on top of the roof sheathing in addition to closed cell spray foam between the rafters underneath.  That’s going to turn the “too cold / too hot” third floor into a truly comfortable bedroom!  And before we put the new siding on we will be adding rigid insulation outside of the studs, giving us much warmer walls than we could get with just the insulation between the studs.  If you missed the August newsletter you can read the article on the blog page of our new website: The Leaflet.
Project REBUILD, Inc is a non-profit agency that re-engages at risk youth to complete a high school diploma or GED and acquire marketable skills in construction technology though their rehabilitation or construction of affordable housing.