What an architect really does all day…

designWhen most people picture an architect, they probably think of her drawing “blueprints”.  I do spend some time drawing, but if you look in my office window, you are at least as likely to see me exchanging emails or talking on the phone. That’s because an architect doesn’t just “do drawings”.

What I really do is manage the process of achieving your goals for your home.

I listen to you to learn what you want to accomplish. Then I determine what other information is needed and I track it down. Some of that information comes from you, some comes from other people. Is there a survey available? What is the budget? What are the zoning requirements? What is the layout of the existing house? What is its architectural style? What is the time frame? How does the sun hit the site? Where are the best views? How much privacy is there in which directions? At some point, I evaluate whether we need to get other experts involved, such as structural engineers. I give recommendations on what to look for in a contractor, and provide advice on the process of choosing one. 

A lot of people are involved in building or renovating a house: you, your spouse, contractor, zoning inspector, building inspector, architectural review board, engineer, energy performance consultant, and interior designer to name just a few.  I’ll help you make the most of the talents of all these team members.  

Of course it’s your house, so you are the most important ones in the process.  And while construction documents are great tools for the contractor and building department, they aren’t the best
way to show you how your decisions translate in three dimensions.   That’s where the CAD model comes in.  I’ll create  jpeg “photos” of this computer model so you can see what the house will look like as you drive down the street, what the view is like between the Kitchen and the Family Room, and compare design options based on three dimensional views, not just floor plans and elevations. This way you can be sure you understand and are comfortable with the design before construction starts.
I’ve been through the process before and will help guide you through it. I’ll keep the lines of communication flowing and keep everyone moving forward together- even both partners in a marriage. And as an added bonus, I’ll provide you with drawings!