City Living

Shaker Design Competition

In January of this year I had the honor of participating in a design competition hosted by the City of Shaker Heights.  Twelve teams submitted conceptual drawings for infill lots in the Moreland Heights neighborhood.  The city was looking for proposals that emphasize energy efficiency with net zero ready or passive design, that fit into traditional neighborhoods, and incorporate intergenerational accessibility.  I partnered with Bliss & Company developers and builders to create a design based on the historic Cleveland Double. This Article Continues…

Tiny Houses: The Big Picture

I confess, I secretly dream of building and living in a tiny house.  Apparently, there are a lot of people who share this dream.  You can now find websites, blogs, conferences, and more devoted to nothing but tiny houses. In case you’ve missed the attention they have been getting lately, “tiny house” refers to a stand-alone dwelling of roughly 500 square feet or less, with many smaller than 120 square feet.  Read the Big Story Here