Add More Space without Adding Square Footage

More Space without Adding On

This project is proof you can make your home look and live bigger without adding any square footage. Located in one of Highland Square’s multi-story condominium buildings, adding on wasn’t an option for this home. So instead of adding space, we used three strategies to make the space we had work better:

  1. We opened up the wall between the Kitchen and the entry hall, creating a visual connection with the living areas. Even with the Kitchen located diagonally from the living spaces, removing this wall allows you to see a much longer distance inside the unit. It’s especially noticeable in the Kitchen, which used to be boxed off from the rest of the spaces.

  2. Our second move was to eliminate the separate Kitchen entry to free up valuable wall space for appliances. This door connected with the building hallway, so we verified that the building code did not require it early in the process.

  3. The third strategy was to reassign space by changing the layout of the existing Master Bathroom. The original Master Bath was made up of several small rooms, using lots of area but feeling small. We made the Bath more efficient, making the Bathroom feel more spacious by replacing three small rooms with one larger one and at the same time adding 2 ½ feet the Kitchen.







So just because your options are limited when it comes to adding on, it doesn’t mean you can’t find the space you need. New Leaf Home Design can help your home feel bigger and work better for you!